Firstnews is a faith-based, community newspaper published by First Community Church in Columbus, Ohio. Although it began as a church newsletter exclusively for members, it has grown as a monthly newspaper to serve the larger community.

The newspaper is delivered to more than 2,100 households monthly and is distributed locally through partner businesses and libraries.

2017 Advertising Rates

Total circulation as of June 1, 2017 is 4,400 copies.
Total penetration exceeds 92%.

Full Page Ad – 
Size: 10.375”w  x  15.5”h

3/4 Page Ad – $355.80

Size: 10.375”w   x  11.625”h

1/2 Page Ad – $273.36

Size: 10.375”w  x  7.75”h – Horizontal
Size: 5.1875”w x 15.5”h – Vertical

1/4 Page Ad – $153.96

Size: 5.1875”w x 7.75”h

1/8 Page Ad – $85.42

Size: 5.1875”w  x  3.875”h

1/16 Page Ad – $66.99

Size: 5.1875”w x 1.9375”h


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