Faith Community Marches in Downtown Columbus

The Interfaith March for Peace and Justice, organized by Greg Davis (son of First Community Church members Barb and Terry Davis), was attended by several hundred people of all faiths, including many from FCC, Sunday, April 2.

The march began at Genoa Park near COSI and ended at Gavel Park, on the steps of the Ohio Supreme Court Building.

The march was intended to promote guiding principals that all people in Ohio should be free to practice their faith without fear of discrimination, intimidation or reprisal; that multiple religions can coexist peacefully in Ohio and contribute to the common good and; that the government of Ohio should protect those who are most vulnerable.

Photographs by Michael Barber

A student from Hilliard Darby High School speaks about equality at Genoa Park Sunday, April 2.

First Community Church member Barb Davis (center) listens to speeches before the march.

A march participant delivers a positive message.

Event organizer Greg Davis provides instruction for marchers before lining up on West Broad St.

Dr. Deborah Lindsay (center) joins other faith leaders to begin the march toward the Ohio Supreme Court Building.

Rev. David Hett (center) was one of many FCC members who joined the march.

Upset that her sign was twisting in the wind, a young participant is encouraged by her mother.

March participants were greeted by the Columbus skyline, set perfectly against a sunny, 60 degree day.