May 18

May 4

April 27

Construction of our new Robert S. Crane, Jr. Welcome Center, South Campus, began April 17. Ten days in, you can see the deconstruction process has begun. Photographs by Michael Barber


Phase Two
May 5 – May 31

Phase Two timeline includes the month of May through the end of June.  Due to the workload and length of this phase, I will break it down by the work that is anticipated this month.

  • Construction fence and parking will remain in place during this phase with the exception to opening the sidewalk to the southeast, as well as street parking for Sunday, May 21 special worship for the Installation of Dr. R. Glen Miles.
  • Completion of storm work and drain lines.
  • Completion of curb, gutter and sidewalk work in order to relocate the drive exiting onto Cambridge Blvd further south.
  • Foundation footers and pit for elevator.
  • Structural steel and framing exterior walls.

Thank you for your patience during this exciting time in the life of our church.

I will continue to provide updates during the construction process.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions.


Pam Jameson, Director of Facilities Ministry
(614) 488-0681 ext. 232



Story by Pam Jameson

Commencement of the Robert S. Crane Jr. Welcome Center began Monday, April 17 with the placement of construction site equipment. The project will occur in phases with a projected completion date in September of this year. During the phases, you will see construction and parking availability change.

Since the demolition of the west side of the playground is within the first phase, a new fence was installed on the north side of our property on Cambridge Blvd mid-April, thanks to a private donor, creating a new play space for the preschool children.

The current playground will be closed during construction.

Phase One April 17 – May 5 (some delays may be experienced due to weather)

● Construction hours are scheduled Monday through Friday during the day until 4:30 pm.
● The parking lot will be impacted during construction, however the center area and the area to the east will be available.
● Access to and from our parking lot will happen from W. First Ave through construction.
● Handicap and van accessible parking will be relocated to the east of the parking lot next to the Annex Building.
● Street parking on Cambridge Blvd, church side, from the drive apron south to W. First Ave will be closed during this phase only.
● Handicap Entrance behind the 1320 Building will be available throughout construction.
● The Annex Building and Lincoln Road Chapel will continue their normal schedules.
● Burkhart Entrance will only be accessible from Cambridge Blvd.

We are requesting sub-contractors, staff and anyone able to park further to do so, allowing closer parking for our visitors, families and those that need assistance.

This is an exciting time in the life of our church and this project is a blessing for us now and for our future. My hope is that we can reflect on that blessing during any inconveniences that lie ahead.

I will provide updates during the construction process, however please feel free to contact me with any questions at