Rev. Paul Baumer Minister to the Staff

Rev. Paul Baumer
Minister to the Staff

Whether you voted for Donald or voted for Hillary, you may still be a bit upset about the recent election. Or, you may be upset about who knows whatever in your life. Heaven knows we have a lot of turmoil and uncertainty in our lives.

So thank God that Christmas comes to us now, as God’s gift reminding us that God understands, cares for us and has moved to take us through and beyond such times.

The Christmas story reminds us that life and Christmas are not easy. We romanticize the manger and Jesus and his parents and all the other persons involved in that first Christmas and try to make it so warm and welcome and wonderful. But that’s not the way it was.

Note that it happened in a livestock shed, amid the animals and dusty mangers and dirty floors. The shepherds and wise men had to travel to get there and they didn’t have warm cozy SUVs to sit in. Ever try to ride a camel? Don’t, unless you’re adventurous and have great patience.

Christmas takes planning, patience, generosity, work, commitment, sacrifice, concern for others, resources and faith.

To well observe Christmas is to learn again what it is to be reminded of the good news of Jesus Christ. It’s all there for our learning and growth, offered to us by a God of extravagant love who stays with us through all the disappointments, dirt and dust of life and lifts us in glorious celebrations.

May your Christmas season be joyful and renewing. Sincerely, have a very merry Christmas