By Rev. Kate Shaner
Minister of Missions

franco vignazia

Resurrection of Lazarus Illustration by Franco Vignazia.

It is a good day to be a follower of Jesus, to be Easter people and celebrate that death is not the final answer and joy does come in the morning! This morning I wanted to share with you the thoughts of some of my favorite theologians and bloggers regarding faith, resurrection and the beauty of new life.  My prayer is that sometime in the days to come you might find a quiet space to read what they have to say and contemplate this new life we have been given. Blessings to you, Kate

Nadia Bolz-Weber’s sermon  Empty Tombs and the Suddenness of Dawn. (Hint: you can listen to the sermon if you follow the link)

Lisa Sharon Harper on Immigration and Resurrection here:

Tony Campolo in the Surprises and Profranco vignaziamises of Spring here:

Did you see Pope Francis on 60 Minutes? Speaking of new life…

Richard Rohr’s Heaven is Now and Later here:

Rachel Held Evans’ Holy Week For Doubters here:

This is the Easter message, that awakening is possible, to the goodness of God, the sacredness of human life, the sisterhood and brotherhood of all – Anne Lamott